I’m an experienced and knowledgeable brazillian Harmonica Player, Producer and Teacher based in London. Since 1995 I have been sharing my skills and experience with people of all ages and abilities. 
I always knew I wanted to be a professional Musician since I have a fierce love of working with people and sharing my true passion with them. I have 25 years of experience working with students of all levels and skills, bands, studios - from beginners to real experts.  

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Professional Musician & Teacher

Leandro Ferrari is a brazilian harmonica player, producer and singer based in Londo7n. The Wall Street International Magazine cited him as one of the references of brazilian blues.  He has taught his harmonica course since 1995. Ferrari  is the idealizer of the "Minas Harp / Harmonica Meeting" and has written articles for the " O Debate," the "Zona Cultural Magazine " and "Sax & Metais". 

He has 29 years experiences of teaching, playing live and recording in every style of music: blues, folk, jazz, hip hop, pop, rock, electronic music... Ferrari studied at the Brasil Harmonica Institute, created by Sérgio Duarte ,, Pro Music - Escola de Música and took lessons with Joe Filisko.

Ferrari has appeared at London  Summer Harmonica Camp (UK - 2018), 5TH Harmonica and Blues Project (São Paulo  - Brazil  2003), 4TH International Harmonica Meeting (SESC Pompéia - SP - Brazil, 2005), Savassi Festival - Jazz & Lounge (Blues Club - BH - Brazil, 2013), Vijazz & Blues / MG - Brazil, 2013), Forum Harmônicas Brazil (Fortaleza - Brazil, 2009), BH Music Station (Mobile Attractions - BH / MG - Brazil, 2012) Spa 24 hours - Spa Francorchamps Race Circuit - (Stavelot - Belgium - with MonroeFerrari -2014), Medium Rare Cabaret Nights @Bush Hall, London UK - with MonroeFerrari - 2015), The Great British Apple Festival (London - UK - MonroeFerrari - 2017) and Blueseiros do Brasil Tour  (SP - Brazil 2011). 

He has presented on stage with Joe Filisko (USA), Quique Gómez (ESP), Alejandro Yaques (ARG), Flávio Guimarães (BRA), Robson Fernandes (BRA), Sérgio Duarte (BRA), Vasco Faé (BRA), Rodrigo Eberienos (BRA), Jefferson Gonçalves (BRA) and other reknowned harmonica players.  

He also recorded and played with many acts, including the band Skank, Living Color (USA), Larry McCray (USA), Guy King (USA), Los Mind Lagunas (MEX), Jesse Monroe (UK), Diamondog (Angola), Rubén Santillana (Cuba), Rodica Blues (USA), Maurinho Nastácia, Glauco Nastácia, Scarcéus, Sideral, Cartoon, Bauxita, The Nasty Blues, in addition to other important partnerships.  

Ferrari's band uses a lot of energy and sound quality to present a show that combines acoustic instruments and experimental elements of electronic music and jazz. The group brings together the ideal mix of rhythmic beats and the vibration of their improvisations, to play exclusive cover versions and originals that range from blues to hip hop.  

Discography: Leandro Ferrari y Compadres (CD) 2006, Fat Nasty (CD) 2010, Blues Road Trip (DVD/ CD) 2012, Leandro Ferrari Band collection 2006 - 2014 (CD), Deep Blues (CD) 2020  



Hear it from great artists and magazines

"Leandro Ferrari (Belo Horizonte, Mg, Brazil) - the psychedelic take on the blues: Blind Dog" 

Wall Street International Magazine 

"hey Leandro ... just came by to say hi and enjoy your tunes ... Cool shit Mr Ferrari! Like the sound. "

Jason Ricci (USA)

"Hi Ferrari, I dig the sounds ... very nice my friend ... very nice. Thanks!"  

PT Gazell (USA)

"Hi Leandro, Wow, nice job on your tracks! Cool sound! Thanks and all the best! "  

Frederic Yonnet (FRA)

"Hi Leandro. I loved to see, (hear), well done." 

Nuno Mindelis (BRA)

"Real Trip Blues, unique Brazilian blues, I do not know how it is worldwide, but everything is possible with creativity and talent... It's great when artists look forward without fears or biases from retrograde criticism. Leandro Ferrari is one of them, congratulations man, go ahead forever !!! "  

Danny Vincent (ARG)

"Excellent arrangement, flawless execution! I love the tune, and energy of the group, and has modern influence that still holds the Blues authenticity! Great job Leandro! (and band)."  

Steven Line (USA)



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